North Crest Update – Saturday, July 8 – mid-afternoon

Firefighters and other responders are making progress to suppress and contain the North Crest Fire.  You can:

Follow updates at

Check posts with the keyword (tag) “North Crest fire” here at for additional related notices (such as the Temporary Forest Closure order).

Follow Forest Service information uploaded at

Listen to local news broadcasts.

Fire danger throughout the region remains VERY HIGH, even though there have been occasional and widely-scattered showers.  Fuel is dry.  Numerous lightning strikes (mostly ‘dry lightning’) are occurring this weekend.

A human-caused fire near the split between 165 and 536 in the Sandias was reported this afternoon.  Fortunately, that fire is out.

The last thing responders need at this time is the complication (and danger) of additional fires resulting from careless and irresponsible behavior.

Please remain situation-aware and exercise care.

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