Current Situation and Notices

                                                             Oct 01, 2017 – 1200

Rx burn in David Canyon cancelled for this week due to recent rain.

Rx burn may resume in Thunderbird Ecosystem Management Areas this week.

Free green waste collection at the East Mountain Transfer Station in Tijeras, Sep 23 – Oct 1

There are no active wildfires in our area at this time.

Occasionally, smoke/smaze may be visible (or smelled) from fires elsewhere in New Mexico or even other states.

  •  Fire Danger Level for both Mountainair and Sandia Ranger Districts remains MODERATE without Fire Restrictions.

  • RED FLAG (all or part of area):   none declared at this time

  • ACTIVE FIRE WITHIN AREA:  No major fires are active within the area at this time.

  • Rx BURN(S) WITHIN AREA:     See EMIFPA Update Post for Sep 27.

  • OTHER HAZARDS WITHIN AREA: Thunderstorm/lightning related risks.  Careless behavior: fireworks, campfires, parking on dry vegetation, target practice ricochets etc.

    REMINDER:  Localized flash flooding and debris flow will probably occur ‘downstream’ from Dog Head, throughout the Summer and Fall, after heavy rains on or near the area burned in June 2016.

Red Flag(s)/Fire Danger Levels Active Fires/Hazards OTHER INFO
  • RED FLAG WARNING(S): . . . . not declared at this time
  •   Fire Weather Watch (Red Flag potential)::   not declared at this time
  • . Sandia Ranger Dist., USFS:      MODERATE (eff 7/21/17)
  • . Mountainair Ranger Dist., USFS:   MODERATE (eff 7/21/17)
  • . Bernalillo County: usually follows Sandia Ranger Dist. level
  • . Sandoval County:  usually follows Sandia Ranger Dist. level
  • . Santa Fe County:  has not provided information, as of 7/24/17
  • . Torrance County:  has not provided information, as of 7/24/17

  • ACTIVE WILDFIRES:  none at this time
  • PRESCRIBED OR MANAGED BURNS: . David Canyon Rx Burn may be rescheduled for Fall 2017, conditions permitting.
  • SMOKE OR OTHER IMPACT FROM FIRES OUTSIDE THE AREA:  Occasional smaze and smoke from wildfires elsewhere in the State apparently do not pose a major health risk for most residents in our area at this time.

  • EMIFPA Membership Meeting: Sep 28, 9:00 AM.
  • EMIFPA Monthly Fire Season Information Session:  Sept 28, 5:30 PM, East Mountain Library, Tijeras.
  • GREEN WASTE DAYS: Sept 23 – Oct 01 – East Mountain Transfer Station