Welcome to EMIFPA!

EMIFPA, the East Mountain Interagency Fire Protection Association, serves eastern Bernalillo, eastern Sandoval, western Torrance, and southwestern Santa Fe Counties. EMIFPA is composed of fire protection, emergency management, and law enforcement agencies. They are dedicated to working together in the East Mountain communities to provide information outreach, education and fire training opportunities to all local and cooperating agencies, volunteers, local residents and businesses.

EMIFPA provides a variety of services to the community including training and education, community awareness, project coordination, and interagency coordination to address the unique challenges presented by the wildland urban interface. We invite you to join us in making the East Mountain area as safe as possible from injury or property damage resulting from fire.

EMIFPA provides technical and other assistance to residents and homeowner associations in emergency preparedness and risk reduction. In addition to workshops, seminars, and other training, EMIFPA can arrange to meet with local groups to discuss such issues as evacuation planning, defensible space, and other proactive measures that may help to protect lives and property. Our neighborhood outreach program works with neighborhood associations to help ensure that area residents are as ready as they can be to respond to real world emergencies should they arise.

Whether you want to get involved as a volunteer, obtain training, or take advantage of our programs, EMIFPA is here for you! For more information contact us today.