Current Situation and Notices

                                                             Feb 22, 2018 – 0800

TODAY:   Sulphur Canyon pile burning scheduled for

today (Feb 22), weather permitting.  Planned ignitions will

begin from 0900 to 1100 and complete mid-afternoon.


The 2018 fire season is here, folks.  Drought conditions have returned.

  •  Fire Danger Level for Mountainair is HIGH and for Sandia Ranger District is MODERATE without Fire Restrictions.

  • RED FLAG (all or part of area):  none declared at this time

  • ACTIVE FIRES:  No major fires are active within the area at this time.

  • Rx BURN(S):       Sulphur Canyon pile burning scheduled for Feb 21-22, weather permitting.


    Occasionally, smoke/smaze may be visible (or smelled) from fires outside our region.  Smoke may be visible from Sulphur Canyon pile burns.

Red Flag(s)/Fire Danger Levels Active Fires/Hazards OTHER INFO
  • RED FLAG WARNING(S): . .see above
  •   Fire Weather Watch (Red Flag potential)::
  • . Sandia Ranger Dist., USFS:      MODERATE (eff Feb 15, 2018)
  • . Mountainair Ranger Dist., USFS:   HIGH (eff Jan 8, 2018)
  • . Bernalillo County: usually follows Sandia Ranger Dist. level
  • . Sandoval County:  usually follows Sandia Ranger Dist. level
  • . Santa Fe County:  has not provided information for several months
  • . Torrance County:  has not provided information for several months

  • ACTIVE WILDFIRES:  none at this time
  • PRESCRIBED OR MANAGED BURNS: . Sulphur Canyon pile burns – Feb 21-22
  • SMOKE OR OTHER IMPACT FROM FIRES OUTSIDE THE AREA:  Occasional smaze and smoke from wildfires elsewhere in the State apparently do not pose a major health risk for most residents in our area at this time.

  • EMIFPA Membership Meeting: Thursday, Feb 22, 2018  9:00 AM  NOTE:  The EMIFPA Annual Meeting will follow.
  • EMIFPA Quarterly Board Meeting:  Thursday, Feb 22, 2018, following the Membership Meeting
  • EMIFPA Monthly Fire Season Information Session:  sessions will resume in  March 2018 on the first Thursday each month, 5:30 – 6:30 PM at the East Mountains Library in Tijeras.  March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5 and August 2.
  • GREEN WASTE DAYS: none scheduled at this time